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Skoolbag app

Getting Started with the Skoolbag app.

The following support article will help you get started using the new SkoolBag app. 

Here's what's covered:

  1. How to create an Account with the SkoolBag App
  2. How to add a School to your SkoolBag App 
  3. How to view your school's content
  4. How to subscribe to a Group

1. How to Create an Account with SkoolBag app


1.1 You would be able to download the SkoolBag app using one of the links below,


  • If you are a iPhone/iPad, user open the Apple App Store and search for "SkoolBag". 


  • If you are Android device user open the Google Play Store and search for "SkoolBag". 



1.2 Open the SkoolBag app by Clicking on the app with the Blue colour backpack logo on it


Tip:  Take a quick tour of the app to see what it looks like by just clicking on the "Quick Tour". 


1.3 After taking a "Quick tour" of the app, enter your email address and choose a password and Click on > Sign In 


1.4  a. After confirming your email address and your password and Click on > Next


b. Enter your full name select if you are a parent or teacher etc. Afterwards, Click on > Sign up


      c. Follow the prompt to check your email and confirm your account


1.5 Confirm your Registration - Please check your emails to find the confirmation link. 


  Tip:  It is possible to change your email address or username at any time. 


1.6 Once you're in the app this is what you will see:




2. How to add a school on your SkoolBag app


 2.1. Follow these steps:


a. Select the 'Add/Remove' icon on the top right hand corner of the screen


b. Type your School name


c. Click on the  icon on the screen to add your school 


d. Click on the  icon on the top right hand corner of the screen 


e. Now you can see the School you've added on top, under My Schools & Services.



03. How to view your schools content within the app


3.1. Tap on your school's icon on the top right hand corner of the screen to see your school's content


3.2.  This is what the school's app would look like once you logged in


4. How to subscribe to a Content Group


4.1. With in the school's content click on the "Groups" tab. 


4.2. Click on > Add/Remove Groups



4.3 Click on the  icon on the screen to add the relevant content groups. 


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